Day by day program


Gesture and Music

Various approaches will be presented around gesture and music. In particular, different research, education and artistic projects will be discussed.

Special Session NIME 06: Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family

The session is co-organised with the European project i-Maestro

NIME 06 Special Session - will be dedicated to Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family. The violin has been the object of several research projects over the past years. Numerous specific interfaces have been developed, linking traditional aspects of lutherie with new technologies. This will be a unique event to share and discuss the latest artistic and technological approaches in this field.

  • from 10am to 1pm / IRCAM

Presentations and Panel Discussion: Gesture Capture Systems for Music Performance

Presentation of complementary artistic works, developed at IRCAM or performed during Agora. These presentations will offer different point of views on approaches using video sensing systems, augmented instruments or alternative controllers in the context of musical performances or performing arts such as dance. The session will end up with a panel discussion.

Participants (to be confirmed): Florence Baschet (composer) | Andrea Cera (composer) | Christophe Desjardins (violist) | Thierry De Mey (composer) | Myriam Gourfink (choreographer) | Pierre Jodlowski (composer) | Marco Stroppa (composer) | Benny Sluchin (trombonist).

  • from 2:30pm to 6pm / IRCAM

Thursday, June 8, 10am-6pm / IRCAM, Studio 5 & salle Stravinsky

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