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Demonstration stands

Presentation stands for laboratories, companies and educational establishments active in the field of music technology.

Documentation and information stand. Audiovisual and 3D training

  • Dates: June 10 & 11
  • Speaker: François Festy (Director)

Present in 22 countries on four continents, SAE Institute is the world's largest international network of training centers for media careers, especially in sound, film, 3D, and multimedia.

Recognized officially by certain national governments (depending on the country) and university-approved in all cases, SAE Institute has developed a unique teaching method that has earned it an excellent reputation among industry professionals.


  • Dates: June 5-8
  • Speaker: Marc Sirguy

Both a designer/builder and the official distributor of such prestigious brands as Moog, Technosaurus, and Doepfer, MESI collaborated with IRCAM on Eobody. This company, always on the cutting edge, is also its official manufacturer.


  • Dates: June 5-7 & June 10-11
  • Speaker: Axel Mulder (Director)

Presentation about I-CubeX. Infusion Systems produces sensors and various MIDI capture accessories. The I-CubeX responds to a specific demand in the field for a wireless system.


  • Dates: June 5-8
  • Speaker: Sergi Jordà (Director)

Reactable is a multi-user interface and also an electroacoustic instrument whose sonic characteristics can be altered by moving various objects around the control surface. It was developed by the research group Interactive Sonic Systems at the University of Barcelona.


  • Dates: June 5-8
  • Speaker: Rémy Dury (Director)

Presentation of a new innovative musical instrument controller.


  • Dates: June 10-11 & June 15-17
  • Speaker: Paul Snaps (Director)

ACME (Atelier Créatif de Musique Électroacoustique). This publication has received the support of the Belgian Ministry of Francophony. The ACME editorial staff is made up of professional sound engineers, composers, music publishers, and teachers.


  • Dates: June 5-7 & June 10-11
  • Speaker: Guillaume Lartillier (Director)

Jazz Mutant has created a new controller for live performances, a modular graphic interface based on touch screen technology that can track several fingertips at once, called the "Lemur".


  • Dates: June 3, 7, 10, 11, 12,  & 17, IRCAM | June 1, Ateliers Berthier | June 2 & 9, Maison de la radio
  • Speaker: Tristan de Céleyran (Director)

An association for the promotion of contemporary music bringing together people involved in every facet of musical creation (publishers, festivals, ensembles, labels, research centers, production studios, information centers, competitions, institutions, and advocacy organizations) throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Quebec. The goal of Le Living: promote contemporary music to the general public and the media, develop and encourage openness to other forms of artistic creation.

From Thursday, 1 to Saturday, June 17, 10am-6pm / IRCAM, Level -2

  • Access conditions: Free entrance

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