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Seule avec Loup


For their creation, Seule avec Loup, Nicole and Norbert Corsino invite the audience to a three-dimensional navigation. This installation will be shown after the festival until June 26.

The user, called Ulys, causes modifications in real time within a virtual environment. Through the Wave Field Synthesis system, the sound becomes a sound object within the performance space, disentangling aural and visual perceptions.


Design and production: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
Performers: Ana Teixido, Norbert Corsino | 3D stage design: Patrick Zanoli, (Ars Numerica) | Musical creation: Jacques Diennet and Manuel Poletti | Interaction development: Samuel Toulouse | IRCAM computer music production: Manuel Poletti | IRCAM scientific consultants: Olivier Warusfel and Étienne Corteel | Virtual reality integration: Stéphane Donikian, Julien Balivarn (IRISA) | Writing: Claudine Galea | 2D stage design: Goele Dewanckel | Voice: Valérie Philippin | Lighting design: Pascale Bongiovanni.
Sound broadcasting system with WFS produced in the Ircam-Centre Pompidou studios. Image/sound interaction produced in the Ircam-Centre Pompidou studios in collaboration with IRISA.
General production: Jean-Claude Loumiet, Gilles Marchesi (Ars Numerica)

Seule avec Loup / N+N Corsino

A Danse 34, Ars Numerica Pôle de création en arts numériques, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Irisa, virtual reality laboratory (INRIA) production.

With the support of the French Ministry of Culture, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Bureau of Cultural Affairs, the city of Marseille, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, the Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council, Bouches-du Rhône Regional Council. And with the exceptional support of Communauté d'Agglomération du Pays de Montbéliard (CAPM), the Association Française d'Action Artistique (AFAA) and The French Embassy and the Alliance Française in Australia.

In collaboration with Irisa and IRCAM-Centre Pompidou. The research and development of this creation is supported by RIAM.

Photo: © N + N Corsino

From Thursday, 1 to Saturday, June 17, 11am-10pm / Centre Pompidou, Foyer (level -1)

  • Everyday except Tuesday
  • This event continues after the festival until June 26

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