Nicole et Norbert Corsino

Choreographers and researchers

Nicole and Norbert Corsino are choreographers and researchers. Interested in the kinetics of the body and landscapes, they explore territories where dance can spring up and make its mark, showing how the movement of bodies modifies them.

They modify dance performance spaces by presenting their choreographic stories through film and installation media as can be seen in Circumnavigation a series of seven harbor stories. With their piece 211 jours après le printemps, N+N Corsino offered a new version of their work where the image, sound, and text come together in an innovative sensory navigation.

In 1996, the French government commissioned the piece Traversées. Laureats of the Villa Medicis prize for their research on the Life Forms software program for choreographic composition in 1994, N+N Corsino produced the film Totempol in Vancouver where real and digital dancers commingled. This was the prelude to their piece, Captives 2nd mouvement (2000), where they worked in 3D and with clones.

Their research feeds on the virtualities offered to dance performance with an innovative use of new technology. Following Topologies de l'instant (2001) and Amorces intimes, Seule avec loup is an interactive 3D choreographic navigation that makes use of the WFS sound system, produced through a collaboration between IRCAM, Ars-Numerica, and IRISA.

Their creations and installations, have toured internationally to locations such as Shanghai, Canton, Hong-Kong, and Moscow.

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