Hugues Vinet

IRCAM's Scientic Director

Hugues Vinet has been since 1994, as IRCAM's Scientic Director, in charge of IRCAM's R&D Department and IRCAM-CNRS STMS (Science and Technology of Music and Sound) joint lab (

He is Coordinator of the CUIDADO (Content-based Unified Interfaces and Descriptors for Audio/music Databases available Online) and SemanticHIFI (Browsing, listening, interacting, performing, sharing, on future HIFI systems, European IST projects.

His fields of activity have successively included real-time systems, digital audio signal processing, man-machine interfaces, cognitive technologies applied to musical information, and more generally speaking theoritical syntheses on the relationships between scientific research, technological development and musical production. After a scientific and musical education, he previously worked at the Musical Research Group of the National Institute of Audiovisual (Ina-GRM) as Senior Engineer. He designed and developed a direct-to-disk and mixing application on the SYTER real-time audio workstation, and headed, from 1987 to 1994, the GRM R&D activities, which produced in particular the GRM Tools
(, Acousmographe and MIDI Former software applications.

He participates in many scientific advisory boards, since 2006, he is the Regional Director Europe of the International Computer Music Association (ICMA).

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