Agora / Resonances 2006


The Mirror and the Door

The first evening, the audience takes its place inside a gigantic box, a space within a space, with mobile walls, doors and windows. The orchestra and chorus are situated on the outside of the box. Inspired by the description of Rumor (Fama) by Ovid, this dramaturgic architecture by the composer Beat Furrer opens Ircam's new festival. Through the awnings and direction imagined by Christoph Marthaler, the two spaces communicate while hiding from each other: the voice inside the box and the vastness of the exterior, the chaotic soul and the neatly folded sound material. The theme of the internal monologue inspired by Schnitzler is embodied in these two spaces. Everything is conducted through a rapid circulation of sound enactments, indicating the influence of the outside powers, of which we know nothing. In Mademoiselle Else's voice one hears murmurs of the vastness of the world she expresses.

Agora and Resonances, united for the first time, bring together all the IRCAM teams and confirm the institute's new policy: the convergence of creation and research. Supported by new partners like the Opéra National de Paris and Radio France, expanded to orchestral dimensions, the festival puts in perspective practiced creation and theoretical reflection, the instrumental domain and the technological domain, mirroring each other.