Magnus Lindberg, Christophe Bertrand, Witold Lutolaswski

Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France

The music of Magnus Lindberg has offered the orchestra with which he has worked for several years its most authoritative moments. For the first collaboration between Agora and the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Joy for an ensemble augmented with a synthesyzer and a sampler, rubs shoulders with the latest orchestral work by the Finnish composer.

8pm / Maison de la Radio, salle Olivier Messiaen | Friday, June 2

The World of Furrer

As a counterpoint to FAMA by Beat Furrer, the actress Isabelle Menke and François Marthouret read excerpts from the novel Fraulein Else by Arthur Schnitzler (1862–1931). The ensemble Court-circuit will perform chamber music by the composer.

Trente mille florins | Saturday, June 3
Ensemble Court-circuit | Saturday, June 3

Music of Mouvement

Be careful of musical gesture, it unbinds listening and seeing, it is a distraction that causes one to be aware of musical movements. The three performances this evening disturb the identity of our perception in the company of dance.

Huynh/Jodlowski | Saturday, June 3
De Mey, Jodlowski, Le Roy/Lachenmann | Saturday, June 3

Marco Stroppa/Yves Robert

The Duophonies at La Maroquinerie combine Marco Stroppa's electronic chamber music and the experimental jazz of Yves Robert, who have come together around the same instrument. The "augmented" trombone of the pugnacious I will not kiss and the trombone as part of a trio in "La tendresse".

9pm / La Maroquinerie | Monday, June 5
Georges Lewis
© Reinhard Werner
Atau Tanaka

Special Guests NIME 06

Composers, improvisers, performers, sound installation artists, the NIME 06 concert guests are also digital technology researchers and experimenters.

9pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Tuesday, June 6

Du côté du miroir

Leroux, Hurel, Schaathun

Reflection on the creative process, Apocalypsis, the new piece by Philippe Leroux, is considered both after the event and during its creation. Following the event because the material that furnished the composition comes from the reworking of the piece that preceeded the creation of Apocalypsis, Voi(rex). The piece's creation because its form mimics the chronology of the compositional stages in Voi(rex) : twenty minutes of music for twenty months of work.

8pm / Maison de la radio, Salle Olivier Messiaen | Friday, June 9

Vocal Theater

Luciano Berio, Giorgia Spiropoulos, Mauro Lanza and Marco Stroppa travel the historical structure of vocal theater.

Accentus | Saturday, June 10
A-Ronne II | Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, 11


3:30pm-8pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, 11

Les Labyrinthes de Brian Ferneyhough

Arditti Quartet

IRCAM presents Brian Ferneyhough's most recent quartet performed by the Arditti as an introduction to the colloquium on the writing of musical time. If a contemporary body of work is involved in the labyrinth-like forms of temporality, it is that of the English composer.

8:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Monday, June 12

Final Evening

Last Performance | Saturday, June 17
After | Saturday, June 17