• Musical Gesture and new Controllers for Live Performances
  • Time-related and Interactive Writing

Resonances has become an important meeting place for the scientific community. Its main goal is to provide an up-to-date and detailed presentation of new artistic trends and research issues dealt with in the world's principal scientific and artistic centers and at IRCAM.

This year's edition will concentrate on the consequences of interaction, considered from several complementary angles (performance, writing), focusing on the problems linked to the musical world and the creation of multi-disciplinary pieces. The first week, geared toward professionals, will deal with issues surrounding gestures and new instruments with NIME 06 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression).

Following an open-house week-end, these issues will be further investigated in the perspective of creating tools for musical writing and interaction, both in the context of live performance (interactive musical works, dance/music/image) and sound and multimedia installations. In a circumstance where sound processes must be coordinated beyond linear time, or combine other media (image, gestures), the writing of interactive or multimodal scenarios necessitates the invention of new tools.

This year Resonances 2006 will be combined, for the first time, with IRCAM's Agora Festival. The Festival will provide a perfect opportunity to address the interdisciplinarity at the heart of recent research and development in artistic expression.

Vincent Puig, Direction Resonances.