Orchestration and Sound Databases

Several years of research on signal analysis have led to the creation of a community that is active in the field of music information retrieval. Their applications currently go beyond simple browsing within music catalogues in order to access composition tools.

The music industry also offers large orchestral sound banks, soon to be combined with audio indexing techniques that could assist a composer in his orchestration tasks.

This session will address the state of IRCAM's most recent research projects, the presentation of the Studio-on-line collection that is available on a DVD together with Motu/Ultimate Sound Bank's Mach5 program, and the vision of Yan Maresz, a composer particularly involved in the IRCAM orchestration work group.

Participants: Alain Etchart (director of Ultimate Sound Bank) | Yan Maresz (composer) | Manuel Poletti (musical assistant, IRCAM) | Grégoire Carpentier and Damien Tardieu (researchers, IRCAM).

With the support of Univers Sons

Thursday, June 1, 6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky

  • Access conditions: free entrance

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