Open House Weekend


Encounters with the Research Teams

On-site presentations by the research groups of projects and research currently being carried out.

An opportunity to take a peek into the potential future of music, of composition tools and to talk with the researchers about musical writing, interpretation or new music technology.

Instrumental Acoustics

  • Acoustic studies on musical instruments and modeling
  • Application of synthesis via physical modeling (Modalys and Brass software programs) and lutherie
  • CONSONNES project that studies instrumental gesture and musician-robots.

Room Acoustics

  • Systems for reproducing a sound field in the context of sound installations, WFS
  • Authoring tools for writing and controlling spatialized scenes.

Perception and Sound Design

  • Perceptive control interface for physical modeling synthesis and the organization of sound databases
  • Analysis of temporal and mnemonic processes in the listening of a sound sequence
  • Study and creation of sound signals.

Sound Analysis/Synthesis

  • Audio signal analysis and synthesis models, synthesis control, voice processing, musical analysis and processing using the programs SuperVP, AudioSculpt, and Diphone Studio.

Music Representations

  • Computer-assisted composition and analysis
  • Music generation and improvisation
  • High-level control for synthesis and spatialization
  • Orchestration aids (software programs Openmusic and Musique Lab).

Analysis of Musical Practices

  • Musicology of contemporary pieces and practices; hypermedia listening and analysis tools
  • Historical investigations.

Real-Time Applications

  • Research and development in technology for the interaction between a performer and computer music concentrating on signal processing and the recognition of musical forms, sounds and gestures: score following, augmented violin, movement capture and analysis, concatenative sound synthesis based on data, interactive audio applications.

Online Services

  • Collaborative spaces for sharing and searching for sound samples (SoundPalette - Orchestration)
  • Instrumented listening at home and browsing musical archives (SemanticHiFi - ECOUTE projects).

Mechanics Workshop

  • Presentation of an artificial mouth for the trumpet, a variable volume mouthpiece for the clarinet, a "wah-wah" mute, measurement system for piano hammers.

Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, 11, 3pm-8pm / IRCAM, level -2

  • Access conditions: free entrance on a first-come first-serve basis

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