Writing Time and Interaction


International Symposium Writing Time and Interaction

9:30am-6:30pm / IRCAM, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles

As a part of the Resonances 2006 Convention dedicated to the topics of gesture and interaction, this symposium aims at questioning the renewal of the technical concepts of time and interaction in different artistic and audiovisual production areas.

First day | Tuesday, June 13
Second day | Wednesday, June 14

Access to Musical Archives

In partnership with the Ministry of Culture's research and technology mission, a look into problems of digitization, indexing, access and appropriation of audio and musical archives.

10am-6pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Thursday, June 15

Music & Technology / Research & Education

A meeting of music teachers from the French national education system and music schools focusing on educational experiments carried out with the Musique Lab programs and their continuation as a part of the new collaboration between IRCAM, the French Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.

10am-6pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Friday, June 16 and Saturday, 17